Hubungan Antara Tingkat Paparan Media Pornografi Dengan Perilaku Seksual Pada Siswa Kelas X Dan XI SMA N 11 Yogyakarta

- Sumarah, Septi Ayu Purnasari


Background: the phenomenon of premarriage sexual activities have been done by many teenagers in Yogyakarta. Sexual behavior may cause several consequences such as STD, HIV/ AIDS and unwanted pregnancy (BKKBN. 2008). Nowadays technology enable an easy usage that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and by anyone, including an access to pornographic information. Based on the interview that has been done with 25 students of SMA N 11 Yogyakarta, there are datas although in their teens, they already accessing phornographic media through internet, VCD, magazines and pictorial books, 15 students (60%) have been kissing their boyfriend/ girlfriend, 22 students (80%) have been holding each other’s hand, while 1 students (4%) admitted he/ she has ever been doing intercourse.

Purpose: to find out the correlation between the exposure level of pornographic media and sexual behavior toward the 10 th and 11 th grade of SMA N 11 Yogyakarta.

Method: the research is done by analytical observation and cross sectional approach. The research location is in SMA N 11 Yogyakarta. The research is held from June 18 th to 23 rd 2012 with population 537 students. Sampling technique that has been used is simple random sampling and resulted in 172 students as respondents. The research is done through primary data collection using questionaire and the datas are analyzed using kendall tau.

Result: the research’s result showing that 89,54% respondents were belong to adequate category of pornographic media exposure level and 81,98% respondents include in medium sexual behavior category. The significance value (p) of correlation test between the level of pornographic media exposure and premarriage sexual behavior is 0.000 and coefficient corelation value is 0,263.

Conclusion: there is a positive relation in low strength between the level of phornographic media exposure and sexual behavior in SMA N 11 Yogyakarta.

Keywords: Exposure level, Pornographic media, Teenagers,Sexualbehavior

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